Byggda för musik, designade för dig.

Sedan 60-talet har Spendor byggt några av världens mest kända högtalare. Högtalare för musikälskare som kanske inte har det perfekta rummet, eller förutsättningar att placera högtalarna hur de vill. Spendor designar sina högtalare för moderna hem och moderna musikälskande människor, utan att kompromissa med sitt arv. Idag bygger Spendor så gott som allt för hand i England. Låt musiken fylla ditt hem!

“As if custom-made for me, the pair of Spendor A7s was the perfect fit for my smallish listening room. Everything they touched came out clear and lucid, and bass frequencies were especially tuneful, tight, and extended. I found very little to fault in the A7 and much to love, most notably its palpable and authentic presentation of everything from Willie Hutch’s grooving soul to Dave Holland’s aromatic, straight-ahead jazz.”

Ken Micallef, Stereophile

SME bygger några av de finaste skivspelarna och tonarmarna i världen. Anledningen är att de är de enda som kan. De flesta andra sätter ihop produkter av delar som andra har tillverkat åt dem. Det duger inte för SME. Deras krav på perfektion går bortom allt annat vi har sett. Varenda skruv är tillverkad med toleranser som andra skulle vara stolta att deras lager håller. Så när en produkt är färdig och monterad så har den en så hög mekanisk integritet att den upplevs som att den är fräst ur ett enda stycke. Det är nästan poetisk att hålla i en SME-produkt. Men den verkliga poesin uppenbarar sig när man sänker ner nålen i spåret. Då inser man varför de bygger så kompromisslöst som de gör. 


MOON 390+330A testas!

So how does one summarize all this? I think the Moon 390 and 330A represent the best fully featured amplification system I have heard at under £10,000, and calls into question why one would ever need to spend more. I have totally fallen in love with the sound, the functionality, the look and the quality of these Canadian beasts. Playing music has never been more pleasurable than it has been these past few weeks – I would happily spend the rest of my life with these Moon pieces at the heart of my system. Make no mistake, they are irresistible. Only audition if you are ready to handover the money to your friendly Moon retailer!

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Aesthetix Mimas i The Absolute Sound!

For armchair astronomers, Mimas is one of Saturn’s moons. For me, it is the very definition of what I am seeking in an integrated amplifier—unalloyed transparency and musicality served up with rich reserves of power. I’m only guessing that Aesthetix’s line of top-drawer separates will sonically edge out the Mimas in picayune areas, or that there are loudspeakers that will make demands beyond what Mimas can deliver. But then again, I doubt if any speaker can make this amp sound less musical than it most certainly is. It’s an amp I can recommend with no reservations. Just another way of saying that I’m over the moon for Mimas.

MOON 390 i TONEAudio

In the end, Simaudio has raised the bar incredibly high for this type of component, and while the ACE has served me well for the last few years, I have to step up and purchase the 390 – I love the ability to choose power amplification. Highly recommended. – Jeff Dorgay

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Brinkmann Spyder

In the great scheme of high-end turntables, Brinkmann’s Spyder is a redoubtable device. It offers rhythmic ease, great clarity, a smooth tonal balance and expansive soundstaging – making it a highly enjoyable listen. Factor in its excellent finish, flexible design and overall engineering, and even at this price it is fine value. Those fortunate enough to aspire to such a thing should consider it an essential audition.

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MOON 240i i Stereo+

Det er også verdt å nevne lydkvaliteten på den innebygde digitalkonverteren. Den er rett og slett skyhøy. Sammenlignet med min egen referanse, så er likhetene langt flere enn ulikhetene. Den mangler litt bass-trøkk helt i bunnen, og har ikke fullt den samme roen i gjengivelsen, men bortsett fra det er det detaljer, luft og klang som jeg ærlig talt ikke hadde ventet å finne i en forsterker i denne prisklassen. Faktisk knapt nok i en egen digitalkonverter til denne prisen. Den innebygde konvertere er et råskinn… MOON 240i är en utrolig vellydende og potent kombinasjon av integrert forsterker og digitalkonverter. Dette viser at du ikke trenger å rane banken for å få fantastisk lyd.

Audio Physic Step Plus

Stereophile älskar Step Plus!

”Whew! The Audio Physic Step Pluses proved overachievers to the nth degree. Their imaging and soundstaging were consistently top notch, but this mighty mite was just getting started. Offering first-rate bass-frequency reproduction, particularly from CDs (in my system), the Step Plus was clear, well-focused, and generally got out of the way, letting not only upstream components sing, but every disc I played, LP or CD. Compared to the similarly sized Quad S2 stand-mount ($1000/pair), the Step Plus offered cleaner, more extended frequency extremes at both ends of the audioband, with a fast, crystal-clear sound that was never fatiguing, always revealing. If you’re in the market for a soundstaging and imaging champ that produces clear upper-range frequencies and solid bass fundamentals with almost any amplifier, the Audio Physic Step Plus should be numero uno on your list.”

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