Amati Futura

By the name of the famous lutist of the Cremona school, an ensemble of experience and solutions – both esthetic and technical from the Sonus faber take their shape in a brand new project.

Amati futura: the first step in this new and exciting direction, towards the revolution of sound.


First, a restyling of a famous and worldwide appreciated collection. Second, a creation that gives a deep sense to the great R&D effort that has been invested in “the Sonus faber”. futura Amati is not to be considered an “isolated episode” but a capital of know-how and culture serving the best possible reproduction of music at every level.


The “Exo-Squeleton” clamp is implemented by the 2 CNC machined avional nickel-plated end-covers on the top and on the bottom of the cabinet, together with two dual avional rear “wings”, that absorbe, convey and delete spurious vibrations from the cabinet. For a musical reproduction in the deepest silence also innovations from the Sonus faber have been used: the L.V.T. Syste, (Low Vibration Transmission), the Stealth Reflex System and the T.M.D. (Tuned Mass Damper).



Amati Futura bildgalleri


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