Guarneri Evolution

Guarneri evolution

Creativity and freedom of development have lead to the birth of Guarneri Evolution.
If Guarneri Homage and the following Guarneri Memento recall the most precise and traditional works of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, the Evolution version initiates a stylistic change that mirrors the path of the master violin maker, forever searching for that ‘Timbre’, evocative and sensual.
The result is a new homage to the school of violin makers and its ‘modus operandi’, its strength lying in the skills and experience Sonus faber has matured in recent years.


Sonus faber values, perennial and yet rooted in the present, are strengthened thanks to evolution. Guarneri Evolution, a new 2-way creation that expresses renewal in continuity: traditional violin shape and innovative technical features, that guide the Arcugnano based company towards the future.
The speaker reiterates a concept that was brought to light by its predecessor, Amati futura: an acoustic instrument that lives in an environment and becomes part of it, carrying out the functions of both musical source and a beautiful piece of furnishing. Thus we arrive at a speaker that boasts extreme attention to every little aesthetic detail, the finishes of the new materials and enhanced quality of manufacturing.


The desire to see the sound quality of this precious 2-way system raised to even higher levels meant daring to move from the traditional 5” driver to a 7” driver. In addition to the new compound in the membrane and the loading system, the cabinet also surprises in the innovative combined use of different materials.
Furthermore, the acoustic case of Guarneri Evolution reveals the link with the flagship the Sonus faber and with Amati futura, as it also contains the Stealth Reflex system, treatment of the connecting pipes with insulating material, for a more precise and extended speaker yield.
The accumulation of innovation is also found in the ‘supporting column’, the pedestal on which two important innovations, already part of the flagship and Amati futura patrimony reside: the L.V.T. system of mechanical decoupling from the pavement and the ‘Anima legata’, a system of two surfaces, CNC machined and bound to a stainless steel bar that help eliminate spurious resonances.



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