The Sonus Faber

Welcome to the revolution of sound.

Where emotion, sound, perfection come together. The essence of passion, technology, innovation, design, named after its creator. A loudspeaker which is not only a simple sound transmission medium, but a true vehicle of sensations and emotions.

The Idea

The bravest yet simplest ideas give life to the most ambitious projects. As what happens with the Sonus faber, head of a new collection of loudspeakers that changes the high end world forever, by revolutionizing it from the base. The flagship comes from the will to summarize Sonus faber’s know-how, and it will give an A to the evolution of sounds and shapes as we know them. The idea comes to life from a project that has been studied down to the finest details, inspired by intuitions, real sparkles that give life to materials. Noble materials and handcrafted works following prototypes and digital data processing, that create the Sonus faber: a meeting point of craftsmanship, technology, shapes of the past and looks towards a nearer future.


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