Spiral Groove


As a medium for capturing music, vinyl remains unsurpassed. To convey its rich and nuanced potential, a turntable must, at the very least, achieve a high degree of control over the speed of its platter and the transfer of energy among its components. Noise is the nemesis, an uncompromised signal emerging from a silent background the goal.

Spiral Groove turntables rely in part on mass to control noise. Stainless steel and aluminum lend our ‘tables heft and solidity, an effective first-line defense against errant vibration. But mass alone cannot eliminate noise; though the metals we’ve chosen store and release energy in predictable ways, they need help in order to dissipate it effectively. We provide that assistance by sandwiching together the layers of our platform with a proven damping agent.

Mechanical isolation contributes an additional measure of control. Motor, tonearm, and platter occupy discrete layers within the platform, a tactical separation that prevents noise generated by one mechanism from contaminating another. This strategic alliance — rigidity, compliance, and isolation — lays the groundwork for one of the quietest and most responsive turntables on the market today.

Because a turntable’s platter is where the rubber meets the road, its design is of critical importance. Unlike most other turntables, our ‘tables’ spindle and platter bearing are decoupled and yet precisely aligned. Severing the connection between these two critical components dramatically reduces the transfer of energy between them, lowering still further our ‘tables’ noise floor while ensuring unparalleled depth and specificity of image.

Moreover, the Spiral Groove platter is driven on the rotational plane of the bearing, which eliminates wobble. A thick phenolic layer forms the bulk of the platter, followed by two thinner layers, one of vinyl, the other of graphite. A clamp made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum snugs the record to the graphite, providing the stylus with an absolutely flat work surface. This is a platter to which you can entrust even your most pampered LPs, over and over again.

Powering the platter is a 12-volt AC motor and outboard analog sine-wave generator. Toward our goal of maximum control, we build drag into our platter and then provide enough torque to spin it precisely. Our sine-wave generator liberates our motor from the fluctuations of wall current and guarantees accurate rotation at both 33 & 1/3 and 45 revolutions per minute.













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