MOON ACE är en allt-i-ett-high-end-förstärkare. Du behöver bara hitta de högtalare och den vinylspelare du gillar. Den har 8 digitala ingångar inklusive streaming via MiND, ett riktigt bra riaa-steg, men framförallt har den all den ljudkvalitet som gjort MOON till en av de mest prisbelönta tillverkarna i världen.

Alan Sircom om ACE i hifi+. 6/2016

”Enough with the foreplay! How does it sound? This is the best bit because it retains all the characteristic Moon Neo performance parameters: a deeply unfatiguing yet remarkably satisfying sound, with an extremely large, walk-in-and-make-yourself-comfortable soundstage, excellent precision of dynamic range, image placement, detail, and timing, and that sense of musical ‘structure’ rising out of a very dark background. And yet, it seems to have achieved this without the usual nine months of run-in before it sounds good. Yes, the ACE gets better over time, but it’s more like letting a good bottle of wine breathe for an hour or so than laying it down to age.”