The TL-2.5 all tube line stage preamplifier is designed for performance — giving you music that is direct from the source, in the most realistic, colorless and truthful way we know how. This preamp is packed with features to give you the maximum control over all the audio and video sources in your system. With 6 line inputs, an optional internally retro-fittable phono stage, two pairs of outputs, a tape loop, and external processor loop (for home theater), you can rest assured that this preamp will plug and play into your existing system in no time at all. Remote volume control and mute comes standard.

Above all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out how little the TL2.5 costs. This sturdily built unit, with quality parts, will take your breath away with its clear, upfront sound. Visit your nearest dealer and bring one home to listen now. We’re confident that if you’re not a member of the VTL family today, you will be one very soon after that