”Whatever the cause, with every album and song I played, I found it hard to take notes. I just sat back — or leaned forward — and soaked in the music, sometimes with an idiotic smile on my face, even if I’d heard the record a hundred times before. Finally, I tried to analyze what was happening. My first scribbled note: “All the music is breathing forth at the same time.”.

Fred Kaplan. Stereophile. Maj 2015.


Feature rich : input labelling, gain offset

“The 740P is a well-built preamplifier that’s rich in features and easy to use – it performs all switching flawlessly, and handles volume control better than any other I’ve used.”
– Doug Schneider, SoundStage!

Transparent, open and detailed sonics

The stereo image has substantial width, exceptional dynamics and incredible depth.”
– Hxos (Greece)