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Cleaner, clearer and much more natural sound that puts you far closer to the original performers, far closer to their performance – because QRT puts your system closer to the original signal.

Picture 388We live in a world where radiated pollution, instability and interference undermine AC line quality, seriously affecting the performance of electronic systems. QRT provides a unique and uncompromised approach to the treatment of AC mains power in critical signal applications. Our proprietary, modular solution delivers proven, measurable results without the negative effects that limit the performance of more conventional approaches.

The quality of the electricity reaching your system is critical to its performance, with EMF noise and waveform distortion all undermining the performance of those expensive hi-fi components you’ve invested in. While conventional filters can limit the destructive impact of these problems, they impose their own associated performance costs, raising the source impedance and reducing the peak current capabilities of the AC line. These limitations cause their own readily audible or visible side effects, limiting musical dynamics and robbing images of depth and color.

There’s an old saying – that prevention is better than cure: unfortunately, if the scale of the problem is simply too vast to deal with properly, then “curing” it can cause more damage than it prevents. QRT’s modular approach treats the symptoms of poor AC line quality, rather than trying to correct what is a global situation – and it does it without limiting the voltage swing or altering the all-important source impedance of the AC supply. Which makes the job of your hi-fi’s power supplies much, much easier – and that’s what you hear from your system or see on your screen.

Use QRT products and you’ll experience a lower noise floor, greater clarity and separation and increased dynamic range, qualities that are just as apparent (and measurable) when it comes to the color, definition and detail on your AV display.