YG Acoustics, rekommenderade cirkapriser SEK inkl. moms. 2020-03-20


Sonja XV, 4 enheter, 4-vägs golvhögtalare, uppgradering från Sonja 1.2, 2.2, 1.3 och 2.3 möjlig, 3 650 000 kr

Sonja XV jr, 4 enheter 4-vägs golvhögtalare, uppgradering från Sonja 1.2 och 2.2 möjlig, 2 600 000

Sonja 2.1, 2-vägs stativhögtalare. Kan uppgraderas till Sonja 2.2 och Sonja 2.3, 560 000 kr

Sonja 2.2, 3-vägs golvhögtalare. Kan uppgraderas till Sonja 2.3, 1 100 000 kr

Sonja 2.3, 3-vägs golvhögtalare, 1 550 000 kr

Hailey™ 2.1, 2-vägs stativhögtalare. Kan uppgraderas till Hailey 2.2, 345 000 kr

Hailey™ 2.2, 3-vägs golvhögtalare, 660 000 kr

Vantage, 3-vägs golvhögtalare, 460 000 kr

Carmel 2, 2-vägs golvhögtalare, 335 000 kr


Sonja 2C, 295 000 kr


Invincible 21.1, 775 000 kr

Invincible 21.2, 1 410 000 kr


Sonja 2.2 Basmodul, Upgradera Sonja 2.1 till Sonja, 2.2 495 000 kr

Sonja 2.3 Basmodul, uppgradera Sonja 2.2 till Sonja, 2.3 495 000 kr

Hailey 2.2 Basmodul, uppgradera Hailey 2.1 till Hailey, 2.2 335 000 kr

Sonja XV Uppgradering, uppgradera Sonja 2.3 till Sonja XV, 2 100 000 kr

Sonja XV jr Uppgradering, uppgradera Sonja 2.2 till Sonja XV jr. 1 600 000


Rack 1.1, vibrationsisolerande rack med optimerbara hyllplan 1 hylla att används under t ex slutsteg 56 000 kr

Rack 1.3, Vibrationsisolerande rack med optimerbara hyllplan, 3 hyllor, 59 cm högt, 205 000 kr

Rack 1.4, Vibrationsisolerande rack med optimerbara hyllplan, 4 hyllor, 87 cm högt, 275 000 kr

Rack 1.6, Vibrationsisolerande rack med optimerbara hyllplan, 3 hyllor högt, 2 brett, 59 cm högt, 127 cm brett, 370 000 kr


Sonja 1.1, Stativ Per par 27 500 kr Sonja C Stativ Styckpris, 13 750 kr

Hailey 1.1, stativ Per par, 27 500 kr



Obs! Priserna kan ändras utan förvarning.

  • 05-Feb-16: Carmel™ 2 in HiFi och Musik (Sweden)

    Swedish high-end magazine HiFi och Musik puts Carmel™ 2 to the test. In the February 2016 issue of the magazine, reviewer Mats Meyer-Lie evaluates YG Acoustics™’ compact floorstander.
    In concluding this excellent review, Mats declares ”if I could afford to buy them, I would not hesitate a second!”
    For our Swedish-speaking fans, the full article can be downloaded here.

    03-Feb-16: Carmel™ 2 in Music Emotion (The Netherlands)

    Carmel™ 2 appears on the front cover of the February 2016 issue of Music Emotion (The Netherlands).
    Inside is an excellent review by respected critic Ruud Jonker.
    YG Acoustics™ encourages all Dutch-speaking audiophiles to pick up a copy of the magazine, and read the review.

    20-Nov-15: Sonja™ 1.2 in The Absolute Sound

    The Absolute Sound has published an excellent review of Sonja™ 1.2. The article can be found here.
    Reviewer Kirk Midtskog summarizes:
    ”The Sonja 1.2 is revealing without sounding exaggerated. It is dynamically alive without sounding forced. It is tonally neutral without sounding clinical. It can make music playback evoke deep emotional connections and spark your imagination. I certainly have had some wonderful musical experiences with the Sonja in my system. The Sonja 1.2 delivers such high sonic performance, and does so on so many levels, that it leads me with the obvious conclusion of my highest recommendation. Stunning.”

    17-Nov-15: Carmel™ 2 in Hi-Fi+

    Carmel™ 2 appears on the front cover of the October 2015 issue of Hi-Fi+.
    Inside is a fantastic article by Chris Martens, which can also be found on the magazine’s website.
    The reviewer concludes: ”…Carmel 2 demonstrates truly astonishing power handling capabilities and vibrant, full-bodied dynamics. It also belies its modest size by serving up surprisingly deep, powerful, and extended bass.” “This also holds true when playing pipe organ material rich in low-frequency content, which the Carmel 2 happily reproduces with powerful and shuddering depth tempered by an excellent measure of control.” ”This compact and exquisitely made floorstander…offers transparency, detail, neutrality of voicing, and overall refinement… The Carmel 2 is without a doubt an unqualified design triumph.”

    10-Nov-15: Carmel™ 2 in ΉXOΣ magazine (Greece)

    ΉXOΣ magazine (Greece) has published a spectacular review of YG Acoustics™ Carmel™ 2. The article can be downloaded here.
    The speaker received 5 stars, which is the publication’s highest rating. The detailed evaluation concluded with a score of 4.94 out of 5, which is apparently among the highest numbers ever doled out by the publication.
    This article is YG Acoustics™’ first review in the Greek media, and we are proud to enter this new market on such a high note.

    21-Sep-15: Carmel™ 2 in Canada HiFi

    Carmel™ 2 appears on the front cover of the August-September 2015 issue of Canada HiFi.
    Inside is an excellent review, which can also be found online here.
    The writer gave YG Acoustics™ the highest honor, by purchasing the review pair for his own reference system.
    A sample comment from the article: “I tried Bach’s Passacaglia and Fugue to see how well the Carmel would fare on deep organ notes, and I could not have wanted for more. The whole room was energized.”

    05-Aug-15: Sonja™ 1.3 in Home Electronics (Switzerland

    The August 2015 issue of Home Electronics (Switzerland) features Sonja™ 1.3 on the front cover.
    The eight-page review, conducted by Joachim Pfeiffer who is arguably the most famous audio journalist in the German-speaking world, crowns Sonja™ 1.3 as ”the world’s best speaker” (translated from German).
    While YG Acoustics™ has stopped using such taglines years ago, it is a great honor for us to have the press hold our flagship speaker in such high regard.
    The full article can be viewed here. It is in German, but also includes a photo ”factory tour” so it may be of interest to readers from all over the world.

    27-Jun-15: Carmel™ 2 in Enjoy the Music

    Enjoy the Music has published an excellent review of Carmel™ 2. The article can be found here.
    Reviewer Phil Gold concluded the test by stating ”I just have to keep this pair”, and purchased the speakers.
    Mr. Gold is one of eleven reviewers worldwide who have purchased YG Acoustics™ speakers for their reference systems, a number that we are very proud of.
    Additional comments by Mr. Gold: ”I love how YG Acoustics have managed to keep the wonderful qualities of the Carmel but add so much to the lower frequency articulation, the midrange clarity, the openness of the upper frequencies and the overall level of realism.”
    ”I found myself completely unable to play short excerpts, the sound so captivating I simply had to play it through to the end. One moment passionate, the next haunting and then almost frightening, this is an amazing test of a system’s ability to reproduce instrumental color and the most intricate detail.” “Serious weight, presence, impact, clarity. Even in the deep bass and all the way up to the top registers” “…lower frequency articulation, the midrange clarity, the openness of the upper frequencies and the overall level of realism …I just have to keep this pair.”

    01-May-15: Hailey™ 1.2 in Hifi & Records (Germany)

    The March-April 2015 issue of Hifi & Records (Germany) features Hailey™ 1.2 on the cover.
    The review includes both measurements, and a detailed description of the sonics.
    A selection of comments, all translated from German:
    Measurements: “Hailey’s drivers show off their high quality by offering excellent dispersion (both horizontal and vertical) and a super-clean waterfall-diagram…. a first-class engineered speaker.”
    Sonics: ”[Hailey’s] fantastic resolution, cleanliness and reproduction of fine detail are, without a doubt, among the best that money can buy.”
    ”The precision of the soundstage is exemplary.”
    ”A top-quality, exceptional speaker. It has a price to match, but offers impressive quality accordingly, both material-wise and sonically.”

    05-Mar-15: Hailey™ 1.2 in The Absolute Sound

    The April 2015 issue of The Absolute Sound features YG Acoustics™’ Hailey™ 1.2 as its cover story.
    Inside, a glowing five-page review is augmented by an interview with lead-designer Yoav Geva.
    The magazine also includes a report from CES 2015, with two ”Best of Show” recognitions for YG Acoustics™.
    The full review can be found here.

    16-Feb-15: Hailey™ 1.2 in Positive Feedback

    Positive Feedback has published a glowing review of Hailey™ 1.2. The article can be found here.
    Reviewer Danny Kaey gave YG Acoustics™ the ultimate compliment: he purchased the review pair!
    Mr. Kaey explained his decision within the review: ”It’s the perfect DK speaker—the music I listen to, Hailey loves.”

    31-Oct-14: Hailey™ 1.2 in Image Hifi (Germany)

    The November-December 2014 issue of Image Hifi (Germany) features Hailey™ 1.2 on the cover. Chief Editor Uwe Kirbach crowns Hailey™ 1.2 as a ”Work of Art”.
    Further comments, all translated from German:
    “In machining-time alone, a single pair of Hailey requires 61 hours… Assembly requires even longer, as a pair
    consists of 1640 parts… Never before have I so strongly had the feeling, that relative to the impressive
    build-quality, complex worksmanship and resulting sound, expensive high-end is actually fair-priced.”
    ”Never before have I been so impressed, that a speaker doesn’t lend the music any of its own character, but rather
    actually steps back behind the recordings and is completely at their service”.
    The full review can be read here.
    A video recap can be viewed here.

    31-Dec-13: Sonja™ 1.3 in Stereophile

    Stereophile magazine reviewers voted YG Acoustics™’ Sonja™ 1.3 as Loudspeaker of the Year for 2013. The editorial staff concluded: ”do what you can to hear these speakers. They epitomize high-performance audio.”
    The full article can be found here.

    21-Jun-13: Sonja™ 1.3 in Stereophile, by John Atkinson

    The July 2013 issue of Stereophile features the Sonja™ 1.3 on the cover. Chief Editor John Atkinson puts the speaker to the test, and concludes:
    “YGA’s Sonja 1.3 is that rare beast: a true full-range loudspeaker capable of playing at realistic sound-pressure levels with very low coloration and superbly stable, accurate soundstaging… immaculate build quality and equally immaculate sound quality… Class A, all the way”.
    On the Measurements sidebar, Chief Editor John Atkinson concludes:

    “The YGA Sonja 1.3 offered the excellent measured performance you should expect at its price”.

Dear Music Lover,

We are proud to present you with our life’s work and passion – YG Acoustics™.

Established in 2002 and located in Denver (Arvada), Colorado, U.S.A., YG Acoustics™ is a world-leading ultra-high-end speaker manufacturer. We also incorporate in-house a full-fledged high-tech research firm and a highly sophisticated CNC machine shop.

At YG Acoustics™ we are unique in utilizing highly advanced proprietary software, developed in-house, for designing our speakers. We are also one of the very few manufacturers to produce in-house our own drivers, cabinets and most other high-precision parts. The depth and breadth of our capabilities allow us to present you, the discerning listener, with speakers that are far more accurate than otherwise achievable.

This technological advantage especially affects the ability to convey the heart and soul of music, and YG Acoustics™ has won numerous awards for creating speakers that preserve the delicate emotions of a live performance.

We would like to invite you to enjoy our website, and to view it as a mere introduction: when you wish to explore our innovations further, please do not hesitate to schedule a private audition with your authorized YG Acoustics™ dealer or distributor. They would love to serve you!

Sincerely Yours,

Yoav Geva
and the YG Acoustics™ team