En av våra favoritsignalkällor har precis fått den fina utmärkelsen Golden Ear Award av tidningen The Absolute Sound. Nedan kan du läsa motiveringen. Aesthetix Romulus är enligt oss en av världen bästa DAC:ar när det kommer till ren musikalisk glädje och närvaro.Den har en unik förmåga att kunna ”andas”, vilket oftast är en egenskap man förknippar med analoga signalkällor.


Aesthetix Romulus CD Player/DAC
This all-tubed CD player and DAC is one of the greatest bargains in high-end audio today. What makes the Romulus special is that it sounds so “un-digital,” particularly at this price. Rather than sounding flat and congealed, the Romulus opens up the spatial presentation and gives instruments and voices room to breathe. The player has an expansive quality along with a sense of top-octave air and openness. The tonal balance is rich and warm in the bass, which, coupled with the treble smoothness, results in an immediately engaging and fatigue-free presentation. The Romulus doesn’t sound “tubey” in the classic sense, but neither does it sound like solid-state. The design and build-quality are beyond what’s expected at this price. If you have no analog sources, the Romulus can serve as a preamplifier and DAC with multiple digital inputs, provided you purchase the variable-output option ($1000). Thanks to an innovative hybrid analog/digital volume-control, there’s no loss of resolution no matter what the volume setting. (243)