The Gryphon grundades 1985 av Flemming E. Rasmussen med ambitionen att realisera en livslång dröm att återskapa den vackra, kraftfulla och dynamiska upplevelsen från en livekonsert i sitt eget hem.

Idag har Gryphon en närmast legendarisk status som konstruktör av de finaste musikförmedlare som går att hitta. Kännetecknade för Gryphon är ett varmt, dynamiskt, levande och naturligt  ljud. Grundtanken är elektronik med enorma resurser som har förmågan att skapa mycket energi. För vill man återskapa musik som den låter live krävs nämligen just detta. Musik är energi, och musik ger energi. Och det får du utav Gryphon.

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Mojo S

Prislista Gryphon januari 2021, inklusive moms


Antileon EVO Mono: Klass A monoslutsteg, per par: 725 000 kr

Antileon EVO Stereo: Klass A stereoslutsteg: 362 500 kr

Mephisto Mono: Klass A mono referensslutsteg, per par: 1 125 000 kr

Mephisto Stereo: Klass A stereo referensslutsteg: 562 500 kr

Essence Mono: Klass A monoslutsteg, per par: 420 000 kr

Essence Stereo: Klass a stereoslutsteg: 210 000 kr


Pandora: Referensförsteg: 300 000 kr

Zena: Försteg, med möjlighet att montera Zena DAC- eller RIAA-modul: 160 000 kr

Essence: Försteg, med möjlighet att monter Zena DAC- eller RIAA-modul: 160 000 kr

Integrerade förstärkare

Diablo 300: integrerad referensförstärkare 2x300W, kan kompletteras med DAC- eller RIIA-modul: 160 000 kr

Diablo 120: integrerad förstärkare 2x120W: 111 250 kr

DAC och DAC-moduler

Kalliope: Referens-DAC med USB: 247 500 kr

Zena DAC-modul: 60 000

Diablo 300 DAC-modul: 60 000 kr

Diablo 120 DAC-modul: 42 500 kr

Phonosteg och RIAA-moduler

Legato Legacy: fullt balanserat MM/MC RIAA-steg, med extern strömförsörjning: 203 250 kr

Legato Legacy: fullt balanserat MM/MC RIAA-steg, utan extern strömförsörjning (strömförsörjs från Pandora försteg): 135 000 kr

Legato Legacy modul: fullt balanserat MM/MC RIAA-modul för montering i Pandora försteg: 84 000 kr

Sonett: MM/MC RIAA steg: 74 875 kr

PS 2-5: MM/MC RIAA modul för Zena, Essence, Diablo 300 och Diablo 120: 22 500 kr


Ethos: Toppmatad referens CD-spelare och DAC: 360 000 kr

Scorpio S: Frontmatad CD-spelare: 93 750 kr


KODO: Referenshögtalare, aktiva basar, 2 golvstående enheter per kanal: 3 250 000 kr

Trident II: Golvstående, aktiva basar: 1 225 000 kr

Pantheon: Golvstående 3-vägs passiva högtalare: 437 500 kr

Mojo S: Staivhögtalare, 2 vägs med integrerade stativ: 250 000 kr


Guideline Reference: 2×1 m: 14 000 kr, 11 000 per extra meter

V.I.P. Series Reference: 2×1 m: 27 500 kr, 20 000 per extra meter

Vanta: 2×1 m: 60 000 kr, 17 500 per extra halvmeter, RCA eller XLR


V.I.P. Series Reference: 2×2 m: 106 250 kr, 37 500 kr per extra meter

Vanta: 2×1 m: 60 000 kr, 17 500 kr per extra halvmeter, banan eller gaffel


V.I.P. Series M5 Reference: 2 m: 25 000 kr C13 eller C19 IEC-kontakt, 6 250 per extra meter

Headline Series: 2 m: 7 500, 1 875 per extra meter

Vanta: 1,5 m: 47 500 kr, 7 500 per extra halvmeter, C13 eller C19


Vanta: 1 m: 36 350 kr, 6 250 kr per extra halvmeter, S/PDIF eller AES/EBU


Black Spike ST: Polymer och rostfritt, justerbar: 5 200 kr (4 st)

Atlas: Referensavkopplingssystem, justerbar: 18 750 (4 st)

Obs! Priserna kan ändras utan förvarning

Gryphon Antileon EVO - Editor's Choice Award 2022

”The Gryphon’s triumph is delivering the great virtues of Class A operation—seductive warmth, liquid textures, and a sense of ease—with tremendous speed and dynamic authority, along with visceral excitement and energy. The sound is warm and utterly liquid— almost voluptuous, without sounding thick, colored, or closed-in. The dual-mono design, with 150Wpc, imbues the Antileon EVO with unflappable authority. Throw in spectacular build-quality and striking industrial design, and you have one of the great.”

The Absolute Sound

Gryphon Diablo 300 i What Hi-Fi!

”The cinematic soundscapes of In a Time Lapse from Ludovico Einaudi’s CD release illustrated the Gryphon’s valve-like handling of tonal colours. This recording is rich with piano, violin and guitar, among other acoustic instruments, and the Diablo 300’s reproduction of the beautiful and moving compositions displayed natural and complex midrange timbre, with all the instruments having a sense of presence both in terms of transparent verisimilitude and that hard-to-describe sense of body… of image gravitas. That midrange kinship with the very best of valve amplification is something rather extraordinary for a solid-state amplifier – an integrated no less.”

… so far, the Gryphon Diablo 300 is unequivocally, and by a wide margin, the best integrated amplifier ever to grace our audio testing and music-listening environment.”

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Gryphon Essence Mono i Stereophile.

”… put into words that which is beyond words? For this, we have poetry, music, and, if I may be so bold, electronics on the refined level of Gryphon Essence Mono power amplifiers.”

”But on music that touches the heart, they can transport to a realm where few components know to go. Magic awaits those with the means to audition them at home, especially with their modest BlackSpike upgrade. ”Highly recommended” is an understatement.”

Jason Victor Serinus i Stereophile

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Pre/power combination of the year – Gryphon Essence


“A lot of this comes down to the Essence duo’s remarkable combination of leading edge performance, powerful dynamic range, excellent detailing, and that aforementioned authority. Music is vibrant, visceral, and red in tooth and claw. This is amplification for people who like to stand and applaud a good performance, and in a year where a good performance is a recording rather than a live event, you might feel a little silly standing up and cheering a CD or streamed track, but go for it. That’s what the Essence does for you and your music

Let’s talk about what’s wrong with the Essence amps: nothing. Let me expand on that a bit: N-O-T-H-I-N-G…” 

Alan Sircom, hifi+

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Gryphon Ethos i hifi+

”The odd thing about the Ethos is that it makes the disc – any disc – sound like it was pressed specifically for that player. It is a vibrant and dynamic performer, with sounds rising out of a noise-free background…”

”So, I was willing to suspend disbelieve in the performance of the Ethos; I knew it was going to be good, but how good? In truth, I didn’t expect it to be this good, I didn’t expect to put it among the top flight players, all of which

cost around three to five times as much as the Ethos. More importantly, I didn’t expect the experience to be quite so entertaining, as sometimes the best in audio can get a little self-flagellating. Forget all the preamble; this

is music played at its absolute best.”

Alan Sircom, hifi+

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Gryphon Diablo 300 i Soundstage Ultra.

”Gryphon Audio Designs’ Diablo 300 is a unique audio component. Its visual or electronic design is unlike that of any other high-end component I’ve seen, and its build quality is exceptional. The Diablo 300 is designed to easily corral any speaker on the market — it never broke a sweat, even when I presented it with a challenging load and pushed it hard. Its sound quality is of high caliber — it delivered some of the most involving and convincing reproductions of music I’ve ever heard in my listening room, with a sound marked by a golden midrange and sweetly extended highs. Add to this its ostensibly unlimited reserves of power, and it’s apparent that this integrated amplifier shouldn’t be thought of as a step in a journey, but as the final destination. Its bold styling won’t appeal to everyone — but for those who can’t look away, nothing else will do. The Diablo 300 is a mad, inimitable masterpiece.”

Hans Wetzel, Soundstage Ultra.

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Gryphon StandArt i hifi+

”For once, the simple solution is also the one that works. If the perfect rack is one that can be seen but not heard, then the Gryphon StandArt is getting pretty darned close to that ideal. Add to that it’s practicality, sound engineering, robust construction and resilient materials and you’ve got the promise of serious longevity, both in terms of its adaptability and its overall appearance. If you want a rack that’s truly fit and forget, then look no further. If you want a rack that’ll make the most of your system, then this is it. And if you want a rack that does all that and looks great doing it, the Gryphon StandArt does exactly what it says on the tin: It comes from Gryphon, it’s a stand, and it’s a work of art, functionally and musically!

Roy Gregory, hifi+

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Gryphon Essence i EnjoytheMusic

”The engineering prowess evident in both the Gryphon Essence Stereo power amplifier and its matching Essence preamplifier are awe-inspiring. They are both outstanding pieces of high-end kit. That they both make music sound impressive in my system shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. I wasn’t surprised. I was more blown away by the performance of both the Gryphon Stereo Essence power amplifier and Essence preamplifier than I was surprised by them.”


Tom Lyle, EnjoytheMusic

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Gryphon Essence i 6 Moons!

In this instance, coming from the same design house does mean that two components each with its own personality were married at birth and most happily so. Essence the class A power amp, though more energetic than our Pass, still subscribes to an aesthetic that’s weightier, thicker, sweeter and richer. Essence the class A ultra-wideband preamp is about speed, articulation and detail.


Srajan Ebaen, 6 Moons

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