Stereophile älskar Step Plus!

”Whew! The Audio Physic Step Pluses proved overachievers to the nth degree. Their imaging and soundstaging were consistently top notch, but this mighty mite was just getting started. Offering first-rate bass-frequency reproduction, particularly from CDs (in my system), the Step Plus was clear, well-focused, and generally got out of the way, letting not only upstream components sing, but every disc I played, LP or CD. Compared to the similarly sized Quad S2 stand-mount ($1000/pair), the Step Plus offered cleaner, more extended frequency extremes at both ends of the audioband, with a fast, crystal-clear sound that was never fatiguing, always revealing. If you’re in the market for a soundstaging and imaging champ that produces clear upper-range frequencies and solid bass fundamentals with almost any amplifier, the Audio Physic Step Plus should be numero uno on your list.”

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