”So often, we’d love big speaker sound, but don’t have the room, and sometimes that rules out a subwoofer or two as well. Emily Duff’s “Needledrop Blues” kicks off the Avanti audition and these speakers immediately impress with their range and clarity.”

”The Audio Physic Avanti’s have quickly become a favorite around here. Other than the last bit of super deep bass, which requires you to spend way more than the $8,500/pair asking price, they offer a level of clarity and resolution found in the world’s finest speakers at any price. The Avanti’s can work well as a building block or as a destination. Their only real limit will be the quality of components you use to drive them. They will deliver very good results with something as modest as a $900 Rega Brio amplifier and OPPO 205 disc player driving them, yet they will provide world-class sound with a stack of five-figure components.

If that’s not exceptional value, I don’t know what is. Consider the Avanti’s duly awarded for 2018. And one of my personal favorites. This is a pair of speakers I could certainly live happily ever after with.”

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