Darko gör en mycket intressant test på 2 olika modeller från Spendor.

”Both speakers are excellent, each in a different way. The Classic 1/2’s strength is its balance, all parts of the spectrum presented with equal aplomb. Big and bold when needed, nimble with smaller-scale pieces. Everything is treated so well. There’s also an ease to the Classic 1/2 that focuses the listener more on the music than the speaker.

”The D7.2 peps things up a bit. It focuses us more on the frequency extremes, controlled bass matched by extended treble, transparency and precision to the fore. Like the Classics 1/2, the D7.2 presents a wide acoustic image with a real sense of depth, but with the D7.2 you hear even deeper into the music. It’s a refined speaker, one that manages to sound a/live in a way that’s difficult to get out of your head once you’ve heard it.”

Phil Wright. Darko