Aesthetix tillverkar rörbaserad elektronik i Moorpark, Kalifornien. Grundaren Jim White har sin själ i musiken, och sitt hjärta i vinylen. På flera sätt är Aesthetix motpolen till dagens snabbkonsumerande samhälle.

Produkterna är genomtänkta, kräver både tid och omtanke och har inga onödiga bekvämligheter som stör ljudåtergivningen. Jim kompromissar aldrig när han förverkligar en idé. Som exempel har riaa-steget Io hela 32 rör och väger 70 kilo i sitt största utförande.

Jämfört med många av de mest extrema high-end tillverkarna anses Aesthetix vara en av de som ger absolut mest ljudkvalitet per investerad krona. Vilket bevisas av alla de utmärkelser produkterna har fått av de ledande tidskrifterna världen över.

Prislista Aesthetix 20 mars 2020

Mimas, integrerad förstärkare, 108 000 kr

RIIA-modul Mimas, 18 000 kr

DAC-modul Mimas, 18 000 kr

Metis, försteg, 360 000 kr

Jupiter Series

Io Eclipse, RIAA med separat nätdel, 290 000 kr

Io Eclipse, RIAA med separat nätdel, volymkontroll och 2 ingångar, 346 500 kr

Callisto Eclipse, försteg med separat nätdel, 346 500 kr

Callisto Eclipse, försteg med separat nätdel och fjärrkontroll, 390 000 kr

Nätdel Jupiter Eclipse series, 101 000 kr

Saturn Series

Romulus MK II, CD Spelare/DAC, 115 500 kr

Romulus MK II Signature, CD Spelare/DAC, 159 000 kr

Romulus MK II Eclipse, CD Spelare/DAC, 202 000 kr

Pandora MK II, DAC, 94 000 kr

Pandora MK II Signature, DAC, 123 000 kr

Pandora MK II Eclipse, DAC, 173 500 kr

Volymkontroll, till Romulus och Pandora, 14 500 kr

Rhea, RIAA, 86 500 kr

Rhea Signature, RIAA, 123 000 kr

Rhea Eclipse, RIAA, 173 500 kr

Calypso, Försteg, 86 500 kr

Calypso Signature, Försteg, 123 000 kr

Calypso Eclipse, Försteg, 173 500 kr

Janus, Försteg med RIAA, 115 500 kr

Janus Signature, Försteg med RIAA, 166 000 kr

Janus Eclipse, Försteg med RIAA, 216 500 kr

Atlas Stereo, Slutsteg, 144 500 kr

Atlas Stereo Signature, Slutsteg, 173 500 rk

Atlas Stereo Eclipse, Slutsteg, 216 500 kr

Atlas Mono Signature, Slutsteg, pris per par, 289 000 kr

Atlas Mono Eclipse, Slutsteg pris per par, 404 000 kr

ABCD-1, Avmagnetiserare för MC pickuper, 3 325 kr

HRC-3, Fjärrkontroll till Saturn serien och Mimas, 5 775 kr

Obs! Priserna kan ändras utan förvarning


Här finner du våra återförsäljare för Aesthetix. Kontakta butiken innan besök för att se vilka produkter som finns inne för demonstration eftersom utbudet varierar mellan olika butiker.

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8300 Odder

+45 5099 9508

Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse Mono Editor's Choice 2023

The circuits are identical in each version but realized with higher-grade parts in the Signature and Eclipse. The stereo amplifiers are rated at 200Wpc and the monoblocks at 300W, figures that double into 4 ohms. All varieties feature an integral adjustable high-pass crossover to roll off low frequencies in the signal driving the main loudspeaker. Whatever version you opt for, expect plenty of clean power coupled with a deep and convincing sense of space, lightning-fast transients, and high resolution without sounding analytical. Ultimately, the Atlas is a sheer joy—both sonically and musically— to listen to. A great value in high-powered amplification.

The Absolute Sound

Aesthetix Romulus – Editors' Choice 2023

”Another home run for Aesthetix, the tubed Romulus combines a disc player and DAC (USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF inputs) in a highly functional and great-sounding component. The additional $1000 from the base price buys you an innovative volume control that allows you to drive a power amplifier directly. The build- and parts quality are first-rate. Sonically, the Romulus offers an exceptionally natural sound with a great sense of ease and an expansive soundstage.”

Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

Aesthetix Mimas Golden Ear Award 2020


“…the updated Mimas didn’t disappoint. I was not only surprised by the sheer silence of this phonostage, but frankly a little shocked by the transient fireworks and dynamic liveliness that began springing forth from my vinyl collection. I originally dubbed Mimas “the very definition of what I am seeking today in an integrated amplifier,” but I need to amend that characterization. Now it’s also among the most versatile.”

Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

Aesthetix Mimas Editor's Choice 2023


“ The Mimas is an old musical soul and not just another high-performance entrant in the über-integrated amp sweeps. Beyond its muscular 150Wpc output, this first integrated from Aesthetix can express the full palette of tonal and textural colors with harmonic ripeness. It embodies many of the classic sonic virtues of the golden era of tubes, but with the ease, control, and extension that are the hallmarks of today’s finest solid- state. ”

Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

Over the moon for Mimas!

The Mimas is an old musical soul and not just another high-performance entrant in the über-integrated amp sweeps. Beyond its muscular 150Wpc output, this first integrated from Aesthetix is capable of expressing the full palette of tonal and textural colors with harmonic ripeness. It embodies many of the classic sonic virtues of the golden era of tubes, but with the ease, control, and extension that are the hallmarks of today’s finest. Its character has hints of classic midrange warmth and airy treble sweetness with bass response that is as nimble as it is formidable. The very definition of what we all seek from an integrated amplifier.”

Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

Aesthetix Calypso/Calypso Signature – Editors' Choice 2023

”Sonically, the Calypso is characterized by extremely good dynamics and dynamic nuance. Although the treble is smooth and somewhat laid-back, transparency and resolution are first-rate. Noise floor is highly dependent on tube quality, which has been variable. Competes with the megabuck preamps. The Signature version improves on the Calypso’s already terrific performance with an expanded soundstage, richer portfolio of instrumental textures, more air, longer decays, and better-defined bass. AT found that the Signature version imparted a warmer cast to timbres.”

Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

Aesthetix Janus/Janus Signature – Editors' Choice 2023

”The Janus combines Aesthetix’ Calypso linestage with a scaled-down Rhea phonostage in a single chassis. The Signature version features upgraded parts in the identical circuit. The units share numerous qualities: speed and detail; a low noise floor; precise rhythms; dynamics that are almost reference-caliber; and a laid-back perspective. The quiet background and smooth highs add up to long hours of glorious, fatigue-free listening.”

The Absolute Sound

Aesthetix Janus Signature/Atlas Stereo Signature

If you need a high-end preamp with a built-in phonostage we can’t think of a better alternative than the Janus, and the Atlas Signature is one of the finest power amplifiers we’ve heard.

What Hi-Fi

Aesthetix Io Eclipse

” …such is the manner in which the Io Eclipse draws you in to the music. Danny Thompson’s accompanying slurred bass appeared almost to be weeping…”

”It was soon evident that the Io Eclipse can transport you to another place”

John Bamford, HiFi News

Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse i The Absolute Sound

“Transparency is pristine – not like a very clear window, but like no window at all between the listener and the music. This utter transparency is a hallmark of all great modern amplifiers, to whose ranks the Eclipse belongs. There is an over-riding sense that you are hearing everything on offer from your musical source, with nothing hiding in the shadows.”

“In terms of sheer power, the Atlas has always been a powerhouse, and the Eclipse version is no exception. ”

Don Saltzman, The Absolute Sound

Aesthetix Atlas – Editors' Choice 2023

”Aesthetix’s first foray into power amps is an unqualified success. Aesthetically, the Atlas is handsome in a brawny but tasteful way. Sonically, the amp has great resolution and reflexes, making it a snap to follow interleaved melodic and rhythmic lines. The Atlas creates a cloud of air around each instrument, and a deep convincing sense of space. Indeed, its resolution, timing, and imaging are beyond reproach.”

The Absolute Sound

Aesthetix Rhea – Editors' Choice 2023

”With three inputs, variable cartridge loading—adjustable at the listening chair via remote control—and a front-panel display of gain and loading, the Rhea is the Swiss Army Knife of phonostages. Although it has lots of gain, the noise level is low for an all-tube phonostage, making it compatible with a wide range of cartridges. The Rhea’s family resemblance to the Calypso linestage is unmistakable: transient quickness and speed without etch, a feeling of effortlessness on crescendos, and a deep, layered soundstage.”

Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

Aesthetix Rhea Signature – Editors' Choice 2023

”The Signature version of Aesthetix’ Rhea vividly demonstrates the value of component quality. Although the circuit is identical to that of the Rhea, the Signature uses cost-no-object parts throughout. The sonic result is a much better defined bottom end, even smoother timbres, and (surprisingly) greater dimensionality. An expensive upgrade over the $6k Rhea, but worth it.”

Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound