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I nummer 196 av The Absolute Sound testar Robert Harley Aesthetix Rhea Signature. Vi är mycket glada att den sympatiske konstruktören Jim White får ytterligare beröm för sina skapelser.

Här kommer några utdrag från tidningen.

“I was really quite shocked by how much better the Rhea Signature sounded than the standard Rhea. “

“As great a phonostage as the Rhea is, the Signature version is on another level of performance. Yes, it’s nearly twice the price, but the signature is that much better. If you already own the Rhea, upgrading to the Signature will give you a new perspective on your record collection and favorite music. It did for me.”


Rhea är funktionsmässigt det perfekta phonosteget, med tre RCA ingångar, två XLR och två RCA utgångar per kanal kommer du aldrig att vara begränsad. Den har ett  minne som kommer ihåg vilken last (75-47K Ohm) och vilken förstärkning (40-75dB) du hade ställt in på varje ingång. Det finns en inbyggd avmagnetiserare för pickuperna, och allting  kan styras via fjärrkontrollen.

Ljudmässigt så har  Signature ännu mer pondus och kraft, basen är tajtare och går djupare, de övre oktaverna skimrar mer och klingar ut bättre, Den återger kulör och värme ännu bättre än lillebror.

Alla versioner av Rhea kan uppgraderas till Signature status.

Jim White’s beskrivning av skillnaden mellan Rhea och Rhea Signature

The Signature version uses custom-made inter-stage Teflon hybrid coupling capacitors, replacing the polypropylene units, between the 2nd and 3rd, and 3rd and 4th, gain stages (4 total per channel). The change in these capacitors results in higher resolution, extension, less grain and more air. The 2uF coupling capacitor between the 1st and 2nd gain stages is replaced with a 4uF Dynamicap by Peter Moncrief (1 per channel). This change removes grain and provides more openness, while also increasing bass dynamics and slam. The 2uF output coupling capacitors (4 per channel) are also replaced with 4uF Dynamicaps. This change provides more drive, bass extension, resolution and dynamics while also reducing grain. Highly specialized adjustable air-core capacitors, used primarily in the radio-frequency realm, are installed and adjusted to ”tweek” each unit to a rigid standard. The five rubber feet are replaced with Harmonic Resolutions Systems’ Nimbus Couplers specially made for Aesthetix (Earlier Signature Saturn pieces did not incorporate this, please contact Aesthetix for this free upgrade if you have an earlier Signature piece without the Nimbus Couplers). This change results in a lower noise floor and more air and space. The cost of these specialized parts alone is about 1/4 the manufacturing cost of a brand new unit! Any tubes that can be bettered by our special stock of graded and matched tubes are replaced. Any other improvements needed to make the unit current are installed, including software updates, etc. A new lens with ”SIGNATURE” stenciled is installed. Each Signature unit undergoes rigorous test procedures and listening.


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Inputs: 3 discrete phono inputs with RCA (SE)
Gain settings (selectable for each input): 8 total; 75, 68, 62, 56, 50, 44, 38 dB, and off
Load settings (selectable for each input): 9 total: 47 K ohms, 10K, 5K, 2.5K, 1K, 500 ohms, 250, 125, and 75 ohms
Outputs: 2 RCA (SE) and 2 XLR (balanced)
Output impedence: 1K ohms RCA (SE), 600 ohms XLR (balanced)
Front panel controls: phono input, mute, gain, loading, demagnetizer, and standby
Remote controls: phono input, mute, gain, loading, demagnetizer, and standby
Frequency response: +- 0.25 dB, 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Signal to noise: measured at 70 dB minimum A-weighted (ref 1 mv input, 75 dB gain setting)recommended load: 10 k ohms or greater
Tubes (each channel): V1 & V2 (12AX7LP-factory graded low noise), V3 & V4 (12AX7 or equivalent) and V5 (6922)
Power consumption: 20 watts standby, 100 watts active
Physical dimensions: 4 3/8″ high, 17 7/8″ wide, 18″ deep including jacks
Shipping weight: 40 lbs.

Specifications subject to improvement or change without notice.