Brinkmann är mest kända för att bygga några av världens bästa skivspelare. Men de tillverkar även elektronik i världsklass. Att påstå att Helmut Brinkmann är en av de mest noggranna människorna som finns är ingen överdrift. Det finns ingen komponent eller idé som han inte utforskar. Det sägs att han provade skruvar i fyra olika material innan han bestämde sig för vilka  som skulle få äran att hålla generatorn på plats i EMT-ti-pickupen. Lagret i skivspelarna värms upp av en MOS-FET krets vars enda jobb är att hålla temperaturen konstant i syfte att kunna ha extremt tajta toleranser i lagret. Brinkmann handlar om musikalitet, odödlighet och skönhet.

Brinkmann gör tidlöst vackra produkter som kommer att hålla i en evighet med minimalt underhåll.


Edison Mk II 

Fein (begränsad tillgång)


Marconi Mk II 



Stereo (begränsad tillgång)

Integrerade förstärkare




Nyquist Mk II

Brinkmann audio, rekommenderade cirkapriser SEK inkl. moms. 2024-02-06


Skivspelarverk remdrivna

Brinkmann Balance 2-arm 33rd anniversary limited edition, 599 000 kr 

Levereras med 2 tonarmsbaser, 12.1 tonearm, Specialbyggd HRS platform, RöNt III med NOS Mullard rör, 33 års jubileums bok.

Brinkmann Balance, för en arm, 283 000 kr

Brinkmann Balance 2, för två armar, 337 000 kr

Brinkmann Spyder, inkl. armsbas för 10 tumsarm, 145 000 kr


Skivspelarverk direktdrivna

Brinkmann Oasis anniversary limited edition, högblank ebenholz, med 10.5 arm, 217 000 kr

Brinkmann Oasis anniversary limited edition med TraNt PSU , 234 000 kr

Brinkmann Oasis anniversary limited edition med RöNt III, 276 000 kr

Brinkmann Taurus med Performance PSU, 181 000 kr

Brinkmann Taurus med TraNt PSU, 198 000 kr

Brinkmann Taurus med Rönt III: 240 000 kr

Brinkmann Bardo med Performance PSU, 115 000 kr

Brinkmann Bardo med TraNt PSU, 132 000 kr

Brinkmann Bardo med RöNt III PSU 174 000 kr



Brinkmann RöNT III, rörbaserad nätdel till skivspelare, 78 500 kr 

Brinkmann TraNt, nätdel till skivspelare, 36 500 kr 

Brinkmann  BZ34, ersättningsrör till GZ34 i RöNT II, 8 500 kr



Brinkmann 10.0, 42 000 kr

Brinkmann 12.0, 48 000 kr

Brinkmann 10.5, 69 000 kr

Brinkmann 12.1, 73 000 kr


PI MC 2023 Version, 48 000 kr



Brinkmann Nyqvist MK II, DAC och streamer, 217 000 kr



Brinkmann Edison MK II, 163 000 kr



Brinkmann Marconi MK II, 157 000 kr



Brinkmann Stereo, 109 000 kr

Brinkmann Mono, per par, 217 000 kr



Brinkmann protractor, 4 800 kr


För extra tonarmsbaser och reservdelar, vänligen kontakta oss.


Obs! Priserna kan ändras utan förvarning


Här finner du våra återförsäljare för Brinkmann. Kontakta butiken innan besök för att se vilka produkter som finns inne för demonstration eftersom utbudet varierar mellan olika butiker.

Stylus audio showroom 🇸🇪

Erik Dahlbergsgatan 25, 115 32 Stockholm


Hifihub 🇳🇴

Trondheimsvegen 55, 2050 Jessheim

Henning: +47 909 67 607

Øystein: +47 991 09 242


Brinkmann Taurus – Editors' Choice 2023

”Reviewer AM has had some experience with other big, fancy, expensive turntables. Can he definitively tell you that any of them is better than the Taurus? No, he cannot. Can he say that the Taurus is the best turntable you can buy at any price? Come on. You know the answer to that. Of course, he can’t. But the direct-drive Brinkmann manages to combine love and appreciation in a way that few can, and it’s a clear step above the finest $10k–$20k ’tables he’s heard, fully justifying its status as a reference. It’s one of the few products he’s reviewed about which he has no reservations.”

The Absolute Sound

Brinkmann Balance at the top of the list!

”… none have had such a stately bearing as the Balance II, you can hear the engineering in turntables and this one sounds like a Rolls Royce.”

”…the Brinkmann shows off its imaging skills with results that are positively holographic.”

”…the turntable is so calm, distortion levels are way below those usually encountered with turntables, so it’s able to resolve fine details to a higher degree, a far higher degree to be frank.”

Jason Kennedy– the ear

Brinkmann Nyquist i TONE

”If after all these years, digital has still left you slightly cold, I assure you the Brinkmann Nyquist will not. It offers top digital performance for about what you’d pay for one of Mr. Brinkmann’s Bardo turntables with a top phono cartridge. But you never know, a few days listening to the Nyquist and you might not even want to be bothered spinning those black discs! It’s that engaging.”

Jeff Dorgay– TONE

Brinkmann Taurus i STEREO

”The Brinkmann always developed a special understanding for fine dynamic and tonal nuances, dabbing delicate details into his well organized and diversified sound patterns with a sure hand and, depending on the music, offering a smooth and fluid timing.

The Taurus thus emphasized Helmut Brinkmann’s instinctive feeling, who launched a worthy direct-drive counterpart to the almost legendary belt-drive turntable ”Balance”. And the RöNtII crowns his work of sound art by adding even more musical soul to the Taurus’s immaculate body – listening to it thus becomes an experiences that will stick in your memory for ages to come.”

Matthias Böde– STEREO

Brinkmann Marconi Mk2 – Editors' Choice 2023

When contrasted with much more expensive equipment from CH Precision, Boulder and Ypsilon, the Brinkmann preamplifier doesn’t quite have their magnanimity of sound, grip, and airiness. CH Precision produces a cavernous black space that seems unrivaled. Boulder has a degree of control that is unique to it. And Ypsilon lights up the soundstage. But Brinkmann comes remarkably close and has its own set of virtues. It has a dynamism and smooth continuity that are immensely. beguiling. It represents formidable German engineering allied to a profound sense of musicality that will be difficult for most listeners to resist.

Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound

Brinkmann Edison Mk2 – Editors' Choice 2023

Reviewer Jacob Heilbrunn listened to the Edison both through the Brinkmann Marconi and Ypsilon silver PST-100 preamp, which afforded him the opportunity to hear exactly what it was—and was not—doing. The sheer artistry that the Edison conveyed on the Philips recording The Delectable Elly Ameling was a combination of the sublime and the beautiful. On Mozart’s wonderful motet Exsultate, Jubilate, the Edison tracked every syllable, every quaver, every trill that Ameling enunciated during her ravishing performance. There wasn’t a trace of sibilance or harshness. Instead, the Brinkmann delivered a posh, upholstered sound that was quite delectable. Breathtaking, actually.

Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound

Brinkmann Nyquist Mk2 – Editors' Choice 2023

”On Leonard Cohen’s final album You Want It Darker, the Nyquist and Marconi created a wide and deep soundstage that allowed you to track each accompanying instrument carefully. The bass was deep, but always carefully delineated.”

”…the Brinkmann gear handled the bass region extremely well, revealing nuances that other equipment sometimes skate over.”

”The combination of analog-like warmth, bloom, and ease along with the state-of-the-art in digital connectivity makes the Nyquist an extremely compelling package.”

Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound

Brinkmann Spyder – Editors' Choice 2023

”Eschewing an enclosed plinth in favor of an open chassis, the Spyder mounts the platter assembly’s base on a cylindrical pillar. Additional cylindrical pillars support up to four tonearms as well as the outboard motor. The Spyder’s sound is transparent, dynamic, low in perceived distortion, with a high degree of neutrality. It exhibits a clarity without that etched quality that is sometimes mistaken for clarity or transparency or resolution. The Spyder is also well isolated from external disturbance, even when the music gets big, deep, and loud. Operationally this setup was a joy to use, its fit and finish of a caliber that spells “G-E-R-M-A-N” in caps. In sum, here’s a vinyl player of all-around excellence that should provide years of performance both pleasurable and trouble-free.”

Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound

Brinkmann Spyder i HiFi News

”In the great scheme of high-end turntables, Brinkmann’s Spyder is a redoubtable device. It offers rhythmic ease, great clarity, a smooth tonal balance and expansive soundstaging – making it a highly enjoyable listen. Factor in its excellent finish, flexible design and overall engineering, and even at this price it is fine value. Those fortunate enough to aspire to such a thing should consider it an essential audition.”

Paul Miller, HiFi News