”There it is once again, that breath of infinity – utterly transparent, precise spatial image replication; dynamically and tonally nothing comes even close. A first class investment for the ages.” We can’t possibly add anything further to these words, except to say that they are quoted from ”image hifi”. Adding a phono board to our »Calvin« line stage replaces one of the five line level inputs with an MM and MC capable input and makes »Calvin« one of the best preamplifiers available – this addition therefore isn’t really somuch an option as a must-have.

Brinkmann Calvin


THD/IM distortion 0,01%/0,05%
S/N ratio line 92 dBA
S/N ratio MM/MC 82/78 dBA
Frequency response line DC … 250 kHz
Frequency response phono 20 Hz-50 kHz
Output voltage maximum 12 V
Output impedance <1 kOhm
Input impedance line 20 kOhm
Input impedance MC 600 Ohm
Input capacitance MM 50 pF
Weight 12 kg; granite base 12 kg;
power supply 3,2 kg
Included in delivery preamplifier, power supply, power cord, granite base
Option phono board