The cartridge is essentially an EMT, which then undergoes heavy modifications. The list of modifications includes a vdH stylus, an aluminum mount with a resonance optimized contact patch (made of several layers of copper, titanium, beryllium, other special materials) and lastly our special sound-optimized tiny screws.

The »EMT-ti« has been carefully optimized to sound its best with our tonearms and turntables, although you may of course use it with any combination of your choice. Either way, our »EMT-ti« will reproduce records with uncanny musicality and unheard-of great sound.

Brinkmann EMT-ti


Type Moving Coil
Weight 11 g
Stylus vdH, radius 4 µm
Compliance 15 µm/mN
Tracking force 1,8 – 2 g
Vertical tracking angle 23°
Output voltage 0,21 mV (velocity 1 cm/sec)
Output impedance 25 Ohm
Load (recommended) 600 Ohm
Body Mountingplate with M2.5 thread,
resonance filter made of aluminum,
copper, titanium and beryllium
Included in delivery cartridge, mounting hardware,
individual measurement info sheet