The MOON 100D Digital-to-Analog Converter accepts USB, S/PDIF and TosLink inputs. Intended for use with a computer via the USB input, the remaining inputs allow for interfacing with other source components such as a music server, digital tranpsort, etc. All digital input signals are processed through an asynchronous sample rate converter and then 24-bit DACs.

The 100D is housed in a compact chassis constructed of rigid aluminium and features a 1/4” brushed and anodized faceplate. Don’t be deceived by its small footprint since trickle-down technology dominates, thanks in no small part to its larger sibling, the 300 D …Amazing things do come in small packages.

Musical …     Stylish …     Compact …

Using 24-bit/1.411MHz processing, the MOON 100D will faithfully reproduce your digital music in an effortless fashion. Accepting an input signal from 44.1 to 192kHz with a bit-depth range from 16 to 24-bits, jitter is a virtual non-issue thanks to the asynchronous operation of this DAC. Sonically, it portrays all of the Simaudio hallmarks: clean, powerful, fast, extended bass combined with an open midrange and airy extended high frequencies.

























Significant Design Features:

· Power supply with 3 stages of DC voltage regulation
· A fully asynchronous sample rate converter
· BurrBrown PCM1793 high-resolution 24-bit/192-kHz D/A and 8X oversampling
digital filter
· Accurate digital clocking system for exceptionally low intrinsic jitter levels
· Single-ended RCA analog outputs
· Advanced analog signal path using a DC servo circuit and proprietary analog filter
· Pure copper circuit board tracings with extremely low impedance characteristics
· Extremely rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations
· Accurate matching of high quality components in a symmetrical circuit design
· Designed to be powered up at all times for optimal performance.