Qx Strömrenare


Each QX unit contains an array of QRT field generators (two in the QX2, four in the twice as powerful QX4) that act to alleviate the impact of poor quality mains power on your sensitive electronics, limiting RFI and timing errors associated with the AC line. Place a Quantum QX unit at the heart of your system and you’ll hear a lower noise floor, greater dynamic range, more fluid musical expression and greater space and ambience. Or, to put it another way, QRT’s QX technology will move you closer, much closer, to the performances recorded on your discs. Results that you can hear, but results that can be also be measured (see www.quantumqrt.com). Unlike other AC conditioning devices, the QRT units won’t cramp dynamics or limit peak current. They just let you hear more of your music (and less of your system). Used in conjunction with the QBASE and Qv2, the Qx units provide the basis of a highly effective answer to the insidious influence of poor AC supplies on musical reproduction. And because of QRT’s modular approach to AC treatment, you can add additional units as you go along – they never become redundant. So the Qx4 delivers twice the musical benefit you get from a Qx2, while a second Qx4 will double it up again. Once you’ve got used to the sense of life and effortless musical flow that comes from having QRT technology in your system, you will want more – which is what makes the modular nature of the QRT products so appealing.

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