I Cliffwood, New Jersey har VPI Industries byggt skivspelare i mer än 40 år. Det är ett familjeägt företag som startades av Sheila och Harry Weisfeld. Företaget drivs fortfarande av Harry, men sen många år tillbaka, tillsammans med sin son Mathew Weisfeld.

VPI strävar efter att bygga prisvärda high-end spelare som alla musikälskare kan njuta av. Och det har de lyckats med år efter år. Alla topptester och utmärkelser de har vunnit är beviset för detta. Med 40 års erfarenhet har man helt enkelt lärt sig ett och annat om skivspelare och tonarmar, och det både syns och hörs. Det är helt enkelt fantastiska spelare, med genialiska lösningar i toppkvalitet. Dessutom handbyggda i USA.

En VPI låter stort och musikaliskt, med en otrolig närvaro och realism. 


VPI Player Tonearm

Pivot to spindle: 223mm
Effective length: 240.7mm
Effective Mass: 10.6g
Overhang: 17.7mm
Offset angle: 22.85 degrees
Average RMS distortion: .36%


Pivot to spindle: 223mm
Effective length: 240.7mm
Effective Mass: 10.2g
Overhang: 17.7mm
Offset angle: 22.85 degrees
Average RMS distortion: .36%


Pivot to spindle distance: 258mm
Effective length: 273.42mm
Effective mass: 11g
Overhang: 15.42mm
Offset angle: 19.98 degrees
Average RMS distortion: .311%


Pivot to spindle: 258mm
Effective length: 273.4mm
Effective mass: 9g
Overhang: 15.4mm
Offset angle: 19.98 degrees
Average RMS distortion: 0.311%


Pivot to spindle: 300 mm
Effective length: 313.0 mm
Effective mass: 10.5g.
Overhang: 13mm
Offset angle: 17.37 degrees
Average RMS distortion: 0.267%


Pivot to spindle: 300 mm
Effective length: 313.0 mm
Effective mass: 10.5g.
Overhang: 13mm
Offset angle: 17.37 degrees
Average RMS distortion: 0.267%

VPI JMW Tonearm Base 

This base is a uni-pivot type based designed to work flawlessly with our JMW-10 uni-pivot arms. It features a large knurled VTA/SRA tower with a smooth precise feel makes it easy to set VTA/SRA during play.  The base allows changing of arm-tubes in seconds instead of hours for those with multiple cartridges. In addition, a secondary mounting has been placed between the arm rest and the arm lift to greatly improve the arm’s rigidity literally making these the only arms that can do VTA adjustments while listening and then be locked as rigid as a solid mounted arm.

VPI Fatboy Tonearm  

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VPI HW 16.5 Cleaning Machine

The HW-16.5 is the standard in affordable record cleaning machines but neither its build quality nor its cleaning power has been compromised. Its high-torque, 18 RPM turntable motor is more than capable of withstanding the pressure of heavy scrubbing during extended cleaning sessions, and its 35-second cleaning cycle per side makes quick work of even the dirtiest records. Now with self aligning vacuum suction tubes for even more accurate cleaning, the HW-16.5’s high-powered vacuum ensures quick, deep cleaning. 

VPI MW 1 Cyclone Cleaning Machine

The MW-1 Cyclone was to pay tribute to the HW-16.5, which started VPI, and honor the passing of the torch from Harry to Mat Weisfeld. It is the first and only record cleaning machine (that we are aware of) that vacuums dirt off the record clockwise and counter clockwise to really clean out the grooves. This motor is a high torque 18 RPM forward and reverse turntable motor. The MW-1 is housed in an aluminum water proof case with a welded stainless steel water tank which drains out the back. The bidirectional turntable motor allows for you to scrub and vacuum in both directions for the ultimate in deep cleaning. 

VPI Cliffwood

The VPI Cliffwood MM phono preamplifier is mainly designed to get music listeners equipped with a turntable into entry-level high-end analog in fast, simple fashion. Proudly built in the U.S.A., Cliffwood features the same electronics inside the VPI Player turntable and functions as an ideal companion to the VPI Cliffwood turntable. 

VPI Voyager

The goal of the Voyager is to create an easy phono option for music lovers getting involved in the VPI line.  Voyager has been designed using VPI turntables and is naturally synergistic with our line.  In addition, the Voyager gives customers who might own a different turntable brand a chance to join the VPI family through our phono preamplifier.


The ADS design includes two pure analog frequency generators featuring low distortion and noise; a high current Class-A/B amplifier that is transformer-coupled to the turntable output; analog control logic for low noise operation; 33/45 RPM analog speed adjustment controls with center detent positions
that are factory calibrated for 60/81Hz.

VPI Industries, rekommenderade cirkapriser SEK inkl. moms, april 2023.


VPI Scout 21,  44 000 kr

VPI Prime 21, 73 500 kr

VPI Prime 21 Plus, med Shyla pickup och Weissline tonarmskabel, 103 000 kr

VPI Signature 21, 120 000 kr 


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VPI Industries tonarmar, rekommenderade cirkapriser SEK inkl. moms.



Fatboy 9, 10 och 12 tum, uni-pivot arm, 48 500 kr
Fatboy 9, 10 och 12 tum, gimbal arm, 48 500 kr

Fatboy VTA tonarmsbas, 24 500 kr



JMW 9 tum metall, 12 150 kr
JMW 9 tum 3D, 21 900kr

JMW 9 tonarmsbas, 7 300 kr


JMW 10

JMW 10 tum metall, 12 150 kr
JMW 10 tum 3D, 21 900 kr
JMW 10 tum 3DR, 28 000 kr

JMW VTA tonarmsbas, 14 600 kr


JMW 12

JMW 12 tum 3D, 30 500 kr
JMW 12 tum 3DR, 38 500 kr

JMW VTA tonarmsbas, 14 600 kr

Notera att man behöver både en arm och en tonarmsbas för en komplett enhet.


Här finner du våra återförsäljare för VPI. Kontakta butiken innan besök för att se vilka produkter som finns inne för demonstration eftersom utbudet varierar mellan olika butiker.

Reference Audio 🇸🇪

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HembioConsult AB 🇸🇪

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Audiophile 🇩🇰

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HIFI Center Jylland 🇩🇰

Maigaardsvej 2G, 9900 Frederikshavn

+45 98 43 99 88



Tape Connection 🇩🇰

Søren Nymarks Vej 21, 8720 Højbjerg




VPI Avenger Reference - Editor's Choice 2022

”VPI makes some great and highly affordable turntables like the Prime Scout, which costs $2200 complete with a good VPI tonearm. The Avenger clearly outperforms the Scout, but you pay a lot to get these improvements. Since its whole purpose is to do as little to the sound as possible, the ’table is a bit hard to assess. It is one thing to talk about subtle colorations; it is another to talk about a subtle lack of them. A high-end sandbox that lets the user experiment with any configuration he likes—ranging from multiple ‘arms of any length, to different types of motors and feet—the Avenger Reference is a truly versatile and great-sounding choice for those who can also afford (or already own) a top cartridge and phonostage.

The Absoule Sound

VPI Prime Scout i hifi+

Editors Choice award.

”VPI created some truly excellent dynamic contrasts, the piano had a good degree of mass and scale and there was a strong impression of structure in the way the orchestral parts were presented. But in the sections where bombast gives way to lightness and frivolity, the turntable showed its admirable ability to simply reflect the material it was given.”

Steve Dickinson – hifi+

VPI Avenger i Positive Feedback

”The Avenger is a table for those who are on the journey of discovering how good LPs really are, how close we can come to the sound of actual live music in our rooms, and possibly how much music is still locked away in those grooves that you previously didn’t have the key to open until you have heard them through the Avenger. There is a reason I keep referring to the term ”life” when I talk about the sound of the Avenger.”

Mark Pearson – Positive Feedback

VPI Prime Signature i hifi+

”The VPI Prime Signature has big shoes to fill because the Prime itself is so damn good. It fills those shoes easily, however, because it is so damn better. Not a transformation, but it does all the things the Prime does, and does them better. It’s more dynamic, more expressive, more rhythmically integrated and driven, and a lot more detailed.”

”Looks like VPI has another winner on its hands, and the Prime Signature comes very highly recommended indeed!”

Alan Sircom – hifi+

Reviewers Choice Award!

VPI Prime Signature Turntable

”Perhaps, at 55, I’m finally starting to grow up. More than any other component, the Prime Signature has made me think, Is this it? Could this be the last turntable I’ll ever buy? After I’m eventually planted by my family, will my daughter (she’s now seven), in cleaning up my estate, have to decide what the hell she’s gonna do with a massive, 66-pound turntable? I sure hope she likes LPs.”

 Jason Thorpe – soundstage ultra

Temptation Award for VPI Prime

”VPI started back in 1978. Since then it has made some terrific decks and we think the Prime should be considered one of them. By high-end standards it’s aggressively priced while delivering a scale of engineering and sound that’s hard to better for anywhere near this price”

 What Hi-Fi