Audio Physic Classic 5


For many people, myself included, £1,890 is still quite an investment. However, when looking at the fit and finish of these speakers as well as their consistently exceptional performance, I reckon I could get away with telling people that they cost twice that. Well, the quality of the walnut veneer and the impressive glass fibre membrane drivers certainly look like they belong to a more expensive set-up for a start. Furthermore, I dare say that the Classic 5 also performs at least as well as some of the floorstanders at the £3,500 mark.


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VPI Avenger Reference

With the Avenger Reference, most listening sessions evolved in very much the same way. I could never seem to tamp down my enthusiasm enough to put away each preceding album into its sleeve. After a few hours of listening the scattered albums made quite mess of things, not a habit that will continue that is for sure. The chaos was in the name of the best possible cause-the deep unbridled enjoyment of music that the VPI Avenger Reference delivers in spades.


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Audio Physic Avanti

”So often, we’d love big speaker sound, but don’t have the room, and sometimes that rules out a subwoofer or two as well. Emily Duff’s “Needledrop Blues” kicks off the Avanti audition and these speakers immediately impress with their range and clarity.”

”The Audio Physic Avanti’s have quickly become a favorite around here. Other than the last bit of super deep bass, which requires you to spend way more than the $8,500/pair asking price, they offer a level of clarity and resolution found in the world’s finest speakers at any price. The Avanti’s can work well as a building block or as a destination. Their only real limit will be the quality of components you use to drive them. They will deliver very good results with something as modest as a $900 Rega Brio amplifier and OPPO 205 disc player driving them, yet they will provide world-class sound with a stack of five-figure components.

If that’s not exceptional value, I don’t know what is. Consider the Avanti’s duly awarded for 2018. And one of my personal favorites. This is a pair of speakers I could certainly live happily ever after with.”

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YG Acoustics Sonja 2.2


”What floored me about the sound of the Sonja 2.2’s on ‘Nublado’ was their ability to reproduce the seductive richness of tonal colours and the delicate textures of the instruments in play, the almost tractor-beam-like pull of the Candombe rhythm, while at the same time convincingly conveying the sound and ‘feel’ of a small church interior. In my experience, to hear this track on the 2.2’s is to be utterly drawn in, and that is due in no small part to a quality they deliver better than almost any speaker I have yet heard: namely, intimacy”

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Nordost QKORE

“…the elegance, the poignancy, the fragility of a musical line is what conveys the emotion at the heart of music. This is what the Nordost QKORE does so well. I can’t help thinking that to achieve the most from any high-end stereo Nordost QKORE is an essential product to consider”

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Audio Physic – Mästarna från Brilon.

Wohndesign - Sofa weiss vor Betonwand

En nyhet hos oss på Stylus är den tyska högtalartillverkaren Audio Physic. Vi blev mycket glada när de valde att ge oss förtroendet att representera detta klassiska högtalarmärke. Audio Physics högtalare har sedan vi hörde de första Virgo varit ett märke som vi alltid har respekterat och älskat. Högtalarna har en perfekt balans mellan precision och musikalisk rikedom och målar upp en enorm ljudbild. Samtidigt har de den unika förmågan att ge instrument och röster en naturlig kropp och klangrikedom. Något som i vår mening ofta bara uppnås hos de allra mest exklusiva högtalarna. Audio Physic levererar musikalisk glädje och insikt i skapandeprocessen genom hela deras sortiment.

Deras löfte – ”No loss of fine detail” är inte tomt. Det är något de har lyckats leverera på i mer än 25 år.

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Nu har vi den Nordiska distributionen för en av världens bästa hörlurar Audeze.


”Audeze creates acclaimed headphones using unique planar magnetic technology, combined with precision USA manufacturing and individual characterization for exceptional quality.”