We are happy to make the LCD-X our choice for Product of the Year in the Personal Audio category.  It’s been exciting to watch Audeze grow and continue to expand their repertoire.

–Jeff Dorgay

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”About four years ago, shortly after The Audio Beat first appeared, I mentioned in one of my reviews an amplifier top-five list — a personal tally of the best amps I had heard regardless of price or technology…

And now at the top of that list sits the VTL Siegfried II.”

Marc Mickelson

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Wilson audio Alexia • VTL TL-6.5 • VTL MB-450 • Brinkmann Bardo • Moon evolution 810 LP • Nordost • QRT



Den 4 & 5 april premiärvisar vi den senaste inkarnationen av Wilson Audios legendariska högtalare på Ljudmakarn i Stockholm. Kom dit och ha en trevlig stund med oss!




En intressant artikel med Dietrich Brakemeier från Acoustical Systems.

”The tone arm and cartridge have to be a happy couple. The tone arm has to have zero interference. People say, “Oh, this tone arm sounds superb”, well a tone arm should have no sound at all, it just allows the cartridge to shine. That’s all.”

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Both these headphones are bound for InnerFidelity’s ”Wall of Fame.” The LCD-2 clearly bests the Sennheiser HD 800 for listening pleasure, and at a lower price. The LCD-3 is an audibly, though not dramatically, more pleasing headphone than the LCD-2, and it’s pleasing in a way that pushes all my buttons. The Audeze LCD-3 is my desert island headphone…I love it!

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My usual listening room is no match for big panels and a pair of Alexandria XLFs would be wonderful, but I’d end up having them in adjacent rooms. But if you have a small room and want that Alexandria XLF sound, the Wilson Audio Duette Series 2 is the only answer. And as such, the Duette Series 2 are not going anywhere, any time soon! +

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”The Lyra Etna fully succeeds as a replacement for the Titan i, even one that costs $1000 more. One of the most neutral- yet enticing-sounding cartridges I’ve heard, it’s also one I can recommend for any system and for any sonic or musical taste. I couldn’t find anything about the Etna’s performance that was worth criticizing. The Atlas may be Jonathan Carr’s finest achievement to date—but considering its lower price, the Etna may be his greatest.”



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