En intressant artikel med Dietrich Brakemeier från Acoustical Systems.

”The tone arm and cartridge have to be a happy couple. The tone arm has to have zero interference. People say, “Oh, this tone arm sounds superb”, well a tone arm should have no sound at all, it just allows the cartridge to shine. That’s all.”

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Both these headphones are bound for InnerFidelity’s ”Wall of Fame.” The LCD-2 clearly bests the Sennheiser HD 800 for listening pleasure, and at a lower price. The LCD-3 is an audibly, though not dramatically, more pleasing headphone than the LCD-2, and it’s pleasing in a way that pushes all my buttons. The Audeze LCD-3 is my desert island headphone…I love it!

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My usual listening room is no match for big panels and a pair of Alexandria XLFs would be wonderful, but I’d end up having them in adjacent rooms. But if you have a small room and want that Alexandria XLF sound, the Wilson Audio Duette Series 2 is the only answer. And as such, the Duette Series 2 are not going anywhere, any time soon! +

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”The Lyra Etna fully succeeds as a replacement for the Titan i, even one that costs $1000 more. One of the most neutral- yet enticing-sounding cartridges I’ve heard, it’s also one I can recommend for any system and for any sonic or musical taste. I couldn’t find anything about the Etna’s performance that was worth criticizing. The Atlas may be Jonathan Carr’s finest achievement to date—but considering its lower price, the Etna may be his greatest.”



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Titta gärna närmare på vad vi anser vara världens smartaste protractor för inställning av tonarmsgeometri.

Video part 1: SMARTractor – introduction and description

Video part 2: SMARTractor – aligning a cartridge / tonearm

Video part 3: SMARTractor – setting P2S with the SMARTractor



Nu har vi den Nordiska distributionen för en av världens bästa hörlurar Audeze.


”Audeze creates acclaimed headphones using unique planar magnetic technology, combined with precision USA manufacturing and individual characterization for exceptional quality.”




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Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF får den prestigefyllda utmärkelsen Loudspeaker of the Year i tidningen Stereophile.


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