Audio Physic Tempo+

”Take a bow
If it’s not obvious by now, let me just say it. I’m a big fan of the Tempo plus speakers. For all the musical satisfaction Tempo plus delivers at $5,995 they represent a terrific value. They offer fantastic sound; they image exceptionally well, and their forgiving sonic signature will mate well with a variety of components. As better upstream gear trades in and out, these speakers have the potential to rise to the challenge and deliver the musical goods. If you are seeking speakers in this price range, be sure to audition the Audio Physic Tempo plus. Once you do, you may find these speakers in your home for many years to come.”

Audio Physic Tempo+ i Tone audio


Bildresultat för moon ace hifiplus

Alan Sircom om ACE i hifi+. 6/2016

”Enough with the foreplay! How does it sound? This is the best bit because it retains all the characteristic Moon Neo performance parameters: a deeply unfatiguing yet remarkably satisfying sound, with an extremely large, walk-in-and-make-yourself-comfortable soundstage, excellent precision of dynamic range, image placement, detail, and timing, and that sense of musical ‘structure’ rising out of a very dark background. And yet, it seems to have achieved this without the usual nine months of run-in before it sounds good. Yes, the ACE gets better over time, but it’s more like letting a good bottle of wine breathe for an hour or so than laying it down to age.”

Moon Neo 430HA i Tone Audio

”Like every other Simaudio component I’ve used, it takes a few days of operation, fully powered to sound its best. Eco-minded, take note; the 430HA only draws half a watt when in standby mode, so your carbon footprint will not expand. Regardless of whether you use it primarily as a headphone amplifier or a 2-channel control center, with power amplifier and speakers, this is a component that you won’t want to move on from – unless you make a five-figure investment. Goodfield sums it up when he says, “It’s not only the ultimate solid-state headphone amplifier, but most likely the ultimate one box solution for computer based audio. That’s what we were trying to accomplish.” I couldn’t agree more.”

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Reviewers Choice till Moon evolution 760A

rclogosm_noyearDuring my time with Simaudio’s Moon Evolution 760A, I was reminded of what an exceptionally well-engineered and -constructed amplifier can provide, aesthetically and sonically. The finesse with which the 760A consistently balanced power, transparency, dynamics, tonal colors, and dimensionality, all against near-silent backgrounds, was spellbinding. It may strike some as being a tad pricey, considering its modest size and power rating, but its sound, flexibility, and ten-year warranty put this amplifier in an elite crowd of products that can serve as benchmarks for what the rest of the industry offers. Heck, even if you’re not in the market for a new reference amplifier, go hear firsthand what the 760A has to offer — it’s the best-sounding standalone power amplifier I’ve heard for anywhere near its price of $8000. Recommending it is a no-brainer.

. . . Aron Garrecht


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Audio Physic – Mästarna från Brilon.

Wohndesign - Sofa weiss vor Betonwand

En nyhet hos oss på Stylus är den tyska högtalartillverkaren Audio Physic. Vi blev mycket glada när de valde att ge oss förtroendet att representera detta klassiska högtalarmärke. Audio Physics högtalare har sedan vi hörde de första Virgo varit ett märke som vi alltid har respekterat och älskat. Högtalarna har en perfekt balans mellan precision och musikalisk rikedom och målar upp en enorm ljudbild. Samtidigt har de den unika förmågan att ge instrument och röster en naturlig kropp och klangrikedom. Något som i vår mening ofta bara uppnås hos de allra mest exklusiva högtalarna. Audio Physic levererar musikalisk glädje och insikt i skapandeprocessen genom hela deras sortiment.

Deras löfte – ”No loss of fine detail” är inte tomt. Det är något de har lyckats leverera på i mer än 25 år.

Nyhet hos Stylus Audio!

Nu har vi den Nordiska distributionen för en av världens bästa hörlurar Audeze.


”Audeze creates acclaimed headphones using unique planar magnetic technology, combined with precision USA manufacturing and individual characterization for exceptional quality.”



Nordost Valhalla 2 – Ett helt nytt sätt att tänka

Ljudet är stort, organiskt och levande, utan att tappa den precision och känsla av sammanhang som gjort Nordost världsledande. Hemligheten är att Nordost nu skrotar kabel + kontakt filosofin. Valhalla 2 och HOLO:PLUG är att betrakta som en komponent. Både kabel och kontakt tillverkas under samma tak och är optimerade för varandra. Resultatet är fantastiskt.