Titta gärna närmare på vad vi anser vara världens smartaste protractor för inställning av tonarmsgeometri.

Video part 1: SMARTractor – introduction and description

Video part 2: SMARTractor – aligning a cartridge / tonearm

Video part 3: SMARTractor – setting P2S with the SMARTractor



Nu har vi den Nordiska distributionen för en av världens bästa hörlurar Audeze.


”Audeze creates acclaimed headphones using unique planar magnetic technology, combined with precision USA manufacturing and individual characterization for exceptional quality.”




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Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF får den prestigefyllda utmärkelsen Loudspeaker of the Year i tidningen Stereophile.


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I början av 2014 kommer nästa generation av Wilson Audio’s klassiker W/P. Se filmen här!



”Too many high-end entry points act as a sweet taste of the good stuff, enticing the listener to upgrade and spend more. This doesn’t… the Venere is all you need.”


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The Intuition plays music at such a high degree of realism, it is the perfect building block for a system of any stature.  Whether you choose to pair it up with speakers costing $1,500 or $100,000 (and of course, anywhere in between), you will be amazed at the resulting sound quality.

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”The Sonus faber is possessed of an exeptional balance of detail and clarity.”


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