Amply fulfilling VTL’s mission to make tubes user-friendly, this well thought-out design brings all the benefits of glowing ‘bottles’ with hardly any of the headaches. As for the sound itself, it would be true to say that the VTL gave fresh insights to everything played, but that wouldn’t convey what this amplifier does. Simply, the S-200 offers endlessly absorbing, effortless musical enjoyment. Warmly recommended.

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Nu till helgen den 9 & 10 maj kommer vi att demonstrera Sonus faber Olympica, Moon Neo, Nordost, QRT och Brinkmann hos Reference audio. Hjärtligt välkomna!



Vi spelade på:

VTL S-200

VTL TL 6.5

VTL TP-2.5

Aesthetix Romulus

Brinkmann Balance

Lyra Etna

Nordost Valhalla 2


Wilson Audio Sasha W/P Series 2
Sasha nomono


Kom förbi och upplev något underbart.

9. april 2014 på Hotel Frederiksdal i Kgs. Lyngby. 17.00-20.00
11. april 2014 på Hotel Haraldskær i Vejle. 17.00-20.00

Wilson Audio Sasha W/P Series 2
Moon Evolution elektronik
Brinkmann Bardo






We are happy to make the LCD-X our choice for Product of the Year in the Personal Audio category.  It’s been exciting to watch Audeze grow and continue to expand their repertoire.

–Jeff Dorgay

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”About four years ago, shortly after The Audio Beat first appeared, I mentioned in one of my reviews an amplifier top-five list — a personal tally of the best amps I had heard regardless of price or technology…

And now at the top of that list sits the VTL Siegfried II.”

Marc Mickelson

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Wilson audio Alexia • VTL TL-6.5 • VTL MB-450 • Brinkmann Bardo • Moon evolution 810 LP • Nordost • QRT



Den 4 & 5 april premiärvisar vi den senaste inkarnationen av Wilson Audios legendariska högtalare på Ljudmakarn i Stockholm. Kom dit och ha en trevlig stund med oss!




En intressant artikel med Dietrich Brakemeier från Acoustical Systems.

”The tone arm and cartridge have to be a happy couple. The tone arm has to have zero interference. People say, “Oh, this tone arm sounds superb”, well a tone arm should have no sound at all, it just allows the cartridge to shine. That’s all.”

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